Friday, April 10, 2009

Genesis - An apology

First and foremost, let me start out this endeavor with an apology. Yes, that's right... an apology. For all of those unsuspecting readers who's feelings get hurt either inadvertently or purposefully, I wish to preemptively offer my deepest heartfelt apologies.

I have decided to embark upon this whole "blogging" effort for the primary purpose of having a safe outlet for my tirades about the many things in life that I find irk me, cause me consternation, or just flat out piss me off. My wonderfully patient spouse has heard many of my rants already and when I light back into some of the more repeated subjects, she just tends to roll her eyes and tune me out. I understand this to be her defense mechanism and she really has no interest in debating the finer points of how miserable a specific restaurant has become or how blatantly corrupt some local official has behaved, or even how magnificently the latest special effects were integrated into the new action movie. She doesn't care how automotive engineers have joined with the ASE Institute in a secret cabal to prevent people from performing their own simple automotive repairs or maintenance, etc... I think you get the drift.

My goal is not to let this spiral into an endless spout of negativity and rage because that wouldn't be very entertaining to read but rather to use this platform to discuss the sublime to the ridiculous, the fair and the foul, the... well I think you get the drift. That disclaimer stated, I am sure that there will be some who find what I may or may not say offensive to some degree. While I am happy to apologize to any I truly hurt; for all of the others I say... that's life - Get over it.

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  1. I love you, dear and am glad that now, when you start on one of your "discussions", I can tell you to just go share it with the world.


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