Thursday, April 30, 2009

Laziness caused by Swine Flu???

Ok, I know it has been a while but things are starting to get a bit nuts what with the impending birth of baby #3 that is requiring a major remodeling project to get done, daughter's gymnastics class, son's t-ball practice and games. That said, I think it is really because I have developed a really bad case of laziness lately. I just can't get into all the work that needs to be done. I know it needs doing, I feel great when things get done, yet I still can't seem to get my fat lazy ass off the recliner and just do them. I know I am really gonna regret not getting more done this spring when it turns 100+ degrees this summer.

All of that brings me to the topic of the day, week, etc... Swine flu. I just heard Ft. Worth schools are closed for 2 weeks, our local schools have canceled all extra activities. There is a definitive note of panic in the air. Why is it that the nation will panic and not leave their houses over a handful of deaths due to a virus yet has no problem getting on the highways and driving over 3 trillion miles and getting into accidents that killed over 40 THOUSAND people in 2007 alone?(ref NTHSC)

And why is everyone wearing surgical masks? The only people that should be wearing surgical masks are surgeons while in surgery or anyone that has symptoms of the flu. If you have symptoms of the flu, you should STAY HOME! If bad enough, go to the hospital (you can wear your mask for this trip). Oh yeah, big thanks to Barack Obama last night... I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was such a big relief to hear the leader of the free world remind everyone to WASH YOUR HANDS!

Well, it's time to get ready to go to my son's t-ball practice. Maybe we should stop and get some surgical masks, you know... just in case?

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